Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter (part 2)

Here are some pictures of our Easter party with Taun's family. We were able to have everyone come to our house for the hunt and dinner. It was so much fun. My kids love, LOVE to play with cousins and I LOVE to visit with family. I made the little chick boxes for all the kids and the name cards for the adults. The decorations made it feel real Springy and I think they turned out cute.


We had a wonderful Easter. The kids made quite the haul on all the hunts we had (1 at preschool, 2 with the Davis' and 1 with the Beddes'.) The Easter bunny was really busy and didn't get to us until Monday night but the kids never knew the difference. We colored eggs with the Davis cousins and Grandma Davis and had a big party with the Beddes cousins. Below are some really great pictures (in no particular order...thanks to blogger for being weird lately I can't see the pictures I upload until I view my blog) Taun followed the boys around with his camera hence no pictures of them. Gracie is helping me right now so if I make no sense you know why. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visiting Teaching for Easter

For April VT I made these cute candy dispensers. I found them on someone else's blog (I can't remember where) and I will not take credit for the idea but I think mine turned out really cute. They were so easy to make and fairly cheap too. You need a chicken feeder and a regular mouth jar. I painted my chicken feeder and then filled it with candy. I filled the jar with candy and then attached it to the feeder. I tied a bow on the match and now they are waiting to be given to the wonderful ladies I visit teach.

Kitchen Update

My mom and sister helped me(really they did most of it) make all these wonderful window treatments and chairs for my kitchen. I picked the fabric out months ago and knew what I wanted to do but never got it done. My mom did all the sewing and my sister and I did the stapling. I think they turned out great and better than I imagined. Thanks so much to my mom and sister, Pam.

The curtains in my window were just some cheap blue ones I bought at Walmart when we first moved in and now they look like this...

We got some bar stools from Taun's brother and my sister and mom redid them. The only thing left to do is paint them black. If the weather would cooperate I would finish them. Anyway they went from this...

to this!

My kitchen door went from this...

to this!

I am absolutely in love with it all. I like my kitchen a little more and can't wait till we get the time to paint the cabinets. Hopefully it will be soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I taught the lesson in YW on Sunday to the Beehives and it taught about how we as women and members of the church, we have a wonderful legacy. One part of the lesson was about the value in a name and I stressed to the girls that it is up to them to decide what people will associate with their name, good or bad. I made these name blocks for each one of them and hopefully they will remember the lesson and do everything in their power to have all things good and clean associated with their name.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

5 new posts

I have just posted 5 new posts. We have been busy doing fun things and not so fun things and I just now had a few minutes to post about them.

Tis the season

for soccer! Benjamin finally gets to play soccer. He has begged for 2 years now and I finally got my act together and signed him up. He was so excited this morning when it was time to go to his first game. His team decided to call themselves "The Dragons" and he has a blue and orange soccer shirt. He did pretty good considering he has never played before and his team even won the game. Go Dragons!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What the...

One night Taun was coming home from teaching a class in Morgan and when he got to Cache Valley it was snowing pretty bad and it was hard to see. He turned off the highway to go to Hyrum and suddenly there was a tree in the road. He had no time to stop (he tried) and he ran into the tree. It shattered the windshield and broke the wiper. He examined the work jeep and decided that there was not any damage to the vehicle besides the windshield so he went home and called the police. They said they had someone on it so he didn't worry about it anymore. About 1/2 hour later, I was coming home from Utah County and when I turned off the highway I was met by several police cars and 2 big trucks. One cop came to tell me what was going on and I informed him that it was my husband who had hit the tree. He asked me where he was now and I told him that he had gone home. The cop followed me home so that he could get a report for Taun to turn into work so that we would not have to fix the windshield ourselves. The windshield is now fixed and we are very grateful that it was not any worse and that Taun was not injured.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is what happens when...

Alex left his bike in the driveway and someone ran over it. We have been telling our kids that if they leave their toys in the driveway they will get ruined and broke. I think they will listen better now that something actually happened to Alex's bike. Lucky for him, I was able to find the same bike at DI for $5. It had no seat but Benjamin quickly figured out that we could just put the seat from Alex's ruined bike on the "new" one and it would sork great! That is exactly what we did and it does work great. Alex rides it every chance he gets and he is really good at it. We may even try to take the training wheels off it this summer and let him learn to ride without them. It sure beats riding the pink princess bike he was given by the person who ran it over.